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Our Mission

Providing our customers with the best products and service.

Who We Are

SIRENCO is a specialist manufacturer of audible alarms, with products manufactured in Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Asia. Sirenco has been manufacturing sirens since 1970 and has an in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs, service expectations and technical requirements. We supply products to suit almost any related application and have a variety of sirens.

Acoustic warning devices have been used to provide warning and alerting in emergency situations for ages. Sirens are used extensively throughout the world in all types of emergency situations. Sirens are still used in many countries in various situations where penetrating low frequency and high sound pressure combined with reliability are required. The motorized Mechanical Siren is an air pump, first compressing and then accelerating the air, which is then pulsed on and off creating a square waveform reverberating outwards from the siren.

A Robust siren will withstand harsh weather conditions, be free from rust and perform day after day, making noise!

SIRENCO sirens are manufactured from the highest quality materials with output frequencies adapted to their size and model requirements from very powerful low frequencies to high pitched outputs ideally suited for use in factories, refineries, quarries, construction, mines, and industrial sites.

At Sirenco Sirens, we have seen it all, an unloved siren sent out for duty, all alone and unprotected with high expectation and little or no tender loving care.

A siren is not mans best friend, in fact, most will find our devices noisy and annoying….yet they serve important functions, warning people from danger or simply alerting others that it is time for a break. They don’t need much love and they are hard workers. They don’t sweat and only grumble when given power.

Do you need to wake up the neighbours or keep the team safe….we have the siren for you!