Listed below are some important product information and categories which will be required when making a selection of the type of signalling unit that will best suit your application. There is a wide range of sirens, electronic sounders, hooters, flameproof units and beacons available to choose from. The manufacturer offers on site service in assisting you with your selection of a signalling unit. Please contact your supplier to arrange this.
PLEASE NOTE: Utmost care was taken in the preparation of this catalogue to insure all the information is correct. Kama Industries and any of its distributors do not accept any liabilities for any consequences resulting in the use of the information contained in these documents. If in doubt, please contact your supplier.

Factors Determining the Choice of Signalling Device

Selecting a signalling device for a particular application is usually determined by various factors:

  • The type of electricity supply available
  • Ambient noise in the environment
  • The duration of signal required
  • The quality and type of audible or visual signal required to attract attention * Environmental conditions (indoor, outdoor, explosive atmosphere)

Environmental Factors

The intensity and type of sounder or beacon we choose for the area in which they will be used, will be dependent on the application i.e., sounders for certain applications in the Food Industry may not be suitable for similar applications in an industrial area. A sounder used in a Manufacturing Company (Heavy Industrial) may not be suitable for a similar application at a School.

Listed below are four different types of environments. These can be categorized as follows:

Industrial, Mining and Manufacturing – Included in this category is not only factory premises but also equipment and facilities used in factories, such as cranes, mechanical handling vehicles, diesel generating sets and control panels. Also included in this category, are industrial hazardous locations such as coalmines and the petro chemical industry.

Building: Commercial and PublicHospitals, Schools, Offices, Building Sites, Houses, Military Sites and Airports can be classified under this category. Due to continuous product research and development some products may vary from the specifications in this catalogue.

Priority and Public Service Vehicles – Police vehicles, Fire departments and Ambulances

Marine – Dock and Ship installations, including any other hazardous sites (oil terminals etc.)